1970s memory album

The 70’s were a very groovy time at the Needle. Do you have some memories to add?


Fun, funky things were afoot at the Needle in ’74. For starters, DJ Bobby Wooten lived at the top of the Space Needle for six months! He stayed in an “apartment” created on the Observation Deck with his wife, and broadcast his live daily radio show right from the Needle. Also: Stephen Cosgrove’s children’s book “Wheedle on the Needle” was published, giving rise to a long-time favorite Seattle mascot. And in the summer, restaurant patrons watched a naked “streaker” parachute out of a nearby small private plane.

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Jahnna & Mommy Up The Space Needle  [View]
Wheedle  [View]
Prom  [View]
How do we get back home?  [View]
The Birthday Party  [View]
1974: A VERY QUIRKY YEAR   [View]
1974 Celebration to the Arts on the 12th anniversary of the World's Fair, held at the Needle  [View]
A Seattle Times editorial cartoon in 1977 reacting to plans to make additions to the tower  [View]
A P-I editorial cartoon in 1978 reacting to plans to add another restaurant to the Needle  [View]
In 1974, The Space Needle has surpassed 14 million visitors since opening  [View]
Fireworks celebrating the 10th Needle Anniversary, 1972  [View]
Illustration of the British lamplighter hired to light the giant candles used to celebrate the 10th anniversary, 1972  [View]
Advertisement for a traditional lamplighter to participate in the 10th birthday celebrations, 1971   [View]
Artistic shot of the Needle, 1972  [View]
Everyone knows that the red light blinking at the top of the Needle is the Wheedle's nose!  [View]
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